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2017 NEWS

Axtrinet Packet Generator Software Release V2.0

St Albans, UK. 7th June 2017

Axtrinet Packet Generator Software Release V2.0 is available with the following additional features:

  • QSFP+ ports can be configured as 40Gbps or 4x10Gbps
  • Multi-Burst Transmit Mode
  • Packet per Second Transmit Rate
  • Optional Port ID, packet sequence number, transmit and receive timestamps (to ±8ns  resolution) for latency and jitter measurements.
  • Up to 1GB ‘deep’ buffer available for line-rate packet capture at 10Gbps and 40Gbps
  • Save captured data to PCAP file for analysis in Wireshark.
  • TCL API for Linux and Windows

The Control Interface and TCL API Management Applications are available as Windows and Linux packages.

The APG Unit software is available for download using the APG Control Interface.

Software Release V2.0 is available here, and documentation is available here.

Xentech Solutions Limited Celebrates 10th Anniversary

10th April 2017.  St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Formed in 2007 from an experienced team of hardware and embedded software engineers, Xentech Solutions Limited this month celebrates its 10th year of enabling clients to meet their design, time-to-market and cost objectives for new product developments and product cost reductions.

Specialising in designing embedded solutions for networking, communications and other technology clients, Xentech Solutions expertise spans the complete range of product development. From technical feasibility studies and project costings, through design, development and test, and on to regulatory testing for CE and FCC marking as well as providing production test capability for quality assurance in manufacturing.

Comfortable with either delivering a complete new product development or integrating specialist skills into an existing team, Xentech Solutions’ engineers have proven their ability to work effectively and efficiently, saving client customers both money and time. “If you would like to find out more about how Xentech Solutions can help you deliver more, do please get in touch,” says Kevin O’Brien, Managing Director.

As well as developing sophisticated networking equipment for its clients, last year Xentech launched their own range of high speed, low cost 10Gbps/40Gbps Ethernet Packet Generator/Analysers under the Axtrinet™ brand. These compact and easy to use Ethernet Testers are aimed at R+D Engineers and Technical Sales/Support personnel and provide a cost effective way of testing high speed Ethernet equipment.  Visit www.axtrinet.com for more information.

About Xentech Solutions:

Experienced at developing high speed communications modules for the networking industry and equally at home creating simple, cost-effective embedded controllers, Xentech Solutions Limited is an electronic product development consultancy based in Hertfordshire, UK, specialising in the design and development of high-speed embedded systems for telecoms, computing, control, energy and instrumentation markets.

Priding itself in a flexible, yet attentive approach to project management, Xentech Solutions Limited works with internal team to speed up development timescales and time to revenue, or takes on complete product developments to accelerate market penetration. Contact Xentech Solutions Limited today for more information.

Company: Xentech Solutions Limited

Website: www.xentech.co.uk

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Email: enquiries@xentech.co.uk

Telephone: +44 01727 867795

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