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Embedded System Development

Hardware & FPGA Design & Development

Our digital design experience includes system-level, board-level and FPGA-level design. The hardware team consists of the hardware engineers, supported by the PCB, Reliability and Regulatory Compliance Engineers.

  • System Design
  • Schematic Capture and Simulation
  • Detailed BoM costing  
  • PCB Layout
  • Power Supply specification and sourcing
  • Design Verification Testing

Xentech Solutions can do as much or as little as you want at any aspect of the development process, using your development processes, tool chains and libraries, or using ours based on years of experience developing electronic products for low and high volume worldwide markets.

Embedded Software Design & Development

Our expertise in developing low-level device drivers, board support packages and hardware verification and diagnostic software provides you with a clean API into your application software.

  • Low-level hardware drivers
  • Board bring-up and support packages
  • Integration & debug
  • Software for Hardware Verification
  • Diagnostic Test Development
  • Factory Test Suites

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical experience includes metal and plastic enclosures from small SOHO-sized enclosures to large 19" 16U multi-slot chassis for datacom and telecom products.  We work with established mechanical design partners to develop the enclosure to meet your requirements.


Xentech Solutions can do much more than design a prototype for you, we have the knowledge and experience to take a design right through to volume manufacture. The Productisation phase encompasses the process of taking a working design through the regulatory and quality approvals required to place the product on the world-wide markets.

  • Reliability Analysis (MTBF & MTTF calculations)
  • Reliability Testing (HASS & HALT)
  • Environmental Testing
  • Regulatory Approvals (EMC & Safety)
  • Testing for CE & FCC marking
  • Introduction to Manufacturing
    - Manage the CEM
    - Manage In-Circuit Test Development
    - Functional Test Software

Cost Reductions & Obsolescence

Even once a product is in volume manufacturing, the “design” should continue to be managed. Very quickly there will be a desire to reduce the manufacturing cost of the product or resolve component obsolescence.  Xentech Solutions can help achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Bill of Materials Cost Reductions
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Manufacturing Assembly Process Improvement
  • Manufacturing Test Improvement


Xentech Solutions is able to offer consultancy services on any aspect of product design, development process, embedded systems development, and troubleshooting.


With many years experience of Embedded Systems development, Xentech Solutions is well placed to help out on any particularly tricky problems. The knowledge of the team encompasses both the hardware and software aspects of a design. This broad but incisive skill set allows Xentech Solutions to effectively work at the interface between hardware and software which is where obscure and intermittent problems often can be found.