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2015 NEWS

Is Embedded Software development “FREAKing” you out?

St Albans, UK. 17th March 2015

With yet another Open SSL vulnerability hitting the mainstream media, do you ever feel that your project will never be released? At what point do you stop developing and start shipping? Find out today how Xentech Solutions can help you achieve your project objectives, to remain competitive and grow sales.

The latest Open SSL vulnerability to hit the headlines, known as FREAK, shows that decisions taken two decades ago are having an impact on current software being developed now, as hardware processing capabilities have increased to such an extent that security keys, once thought to be “unbreakable” in realistic terms, can easily be compromised in a few hours.

But although care needs to be taken to ensure software development is carried out with one eye on the future, it is important to maintain a strong focus on the need to ship product to generate revenues today. By bringing in an experienced third party to assist in the product development process a company can leverage a broad set of skills whilst still constraining costs.

Xentech Solutions Limited is a specialist developer of Open Source embedded Linux based software and compact, high speed hardware for the data-communications, computing and instrumentation markets. Experience of using Open Source software built up over twenty years enables knowledgeable and pragmatic decisions to be made with regard to the ever increasing list of vulnerabilities being identified in Open Source security software.

Priding itself in a flexible, yet attentive approach to project management, Xentech Solutions can work with your internal team to speed up development timescales and time to revenue, or take on complete product developments to accelerate market penetration. Contact us today for more information.

About Xentech Solutions:

Experienced at developing high speed communications modules for the networking industry and equally at home creating simple, cost-effective embedded controllers, Xentech Solutions Limited is an electronic product development consultancy based in Hertfordshire, UK, specialising in the design and development of high-speed embedded systems for telecoms, computing, control, energy and instrumentation markets. Visit www.xentech.co.uk for more details, call us on 01727 867795 or email: enquiries@xentech.co.uk

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